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The worldwide mail-order market


The most important mail order countries, companies and developments worldwide.

The general success criteria in Direct Marketing  

The most important best practice (benchmarks) in the Customer-, Product-, Communication- and Multi-Channel-Marketing

The specific success criteria in the Marketing Strategy  

The importance of the strategic success criteria polarisation, differentiation, targeting, brand management.

Planning of an optimal action chain   Optimising the action chain in the offer mix of a big-book, intermediate, special, acquisition and overstock catalogues.
Optimising the customer marketing mix   Utilising the best practice customer marketing mix for acquisition, activation, reactivation, address-management and service-marketing

Success multiplication instruments

  Increasing the success of  your addresses, articles, pages, catalogues and companies significantly, by multiplying them by Cross Listing and/or Cross Selling.

Maximum use of synergies

  The usage of synergies in the creation,  buying and selling of articles as well as on all back-office sectors.
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